Moritz Mauch is only 16 years-old and has an incredible high level in wave sailing. Wave riding is his passion as he is an excellent surfer and SUP rider, too. In the beginning of his windsurfing life his father always told him to focus on wave riding instead of jumping. Now at the age of 16 it obviously pays off. Moritz can land perfect Takas, Aerials and much more. “Jumps, no thanks” is a clip about his style in wave riding. Sit down and watch the video with great action. Moritz sails at Ojos di Garza and Pozo Izquierdo with 3.4m and 4.0m big sails and on a prototype board from Starboard.

Moritz Mauch (G-103) is the next German wave sailor, who will fight for top rankings in the future. And there are many incredible German wavesailors actually on the list already with Philip Köster, Dany Bruch, Klaas Voget, Alessio Stillrich, Flo Jung….Moritz lives on Gran Canaria and his father Claus runs the Club Mistral in Bahia Feliz. Gran Canaria is a perfect place to get good.

Moritz Mauch likes wave riding, even in side onshore conditions. It’s his passion!