Julien Flechet (F-67) & Titouan Flechet (F-47), two talented French wave windsurfers, decided to start their own Youtube channel. Julien is 18 and Titouan 16 years-old. Check out their first video. They both present their 2020 sports projects in French language only. After 3 minutes the action starts in the video. It’s footage from the last two big storms Ciara and Dennis in Brittany in February 2020.

Julien Flechet: “Me and my brother Titouan are young French windsurfer.. and we have decided to share our adventures on our new Youtube channel with action videos, but also to explain our life, our trips, programs, gear.  Here is our first video #1 “CIARA et DENNIS au CAP 6 1”.


The two talented young French wave rippers Julien & Titouan Flechet released their first video with storm action on their youtube channel