Nord-Pas-de-Calais, a rough French territory, where Napolean built a harbour at the beginning of the 19th century, submarines anchored in the bay during World War II in the 20th century and Jules Denel rides waves in the 21st century. 

The title “Le Poy”. There are many different interpretations of “poy”. Adrenalin driven and obsessed by the power of three fins (even the Quad graphic on the board can’t hinder him), three meter high waves and three ladies in the dark underground in the middle of the night. Powered by “le poy”, by his lightsticks and a dark sports car, a beautiful beast. Additional energy comes from a sausage at the “Friterie”, where French men get their calories before their nocturnal prowls. Or did Jules need “the poy” (an alcoholic shot) at the “Friterie” to approach the three ladies in the discotheque a few minutes later? And in the 15th century a poy was a pole, which was used to propel a boat. The boom and fins can be compared as similar tool to propel the windsurfing board, the modern boat. Lots of unanswered questions… Anyway, the song, has the perfect title: the Devil’s Punch Bowl. Probably a hard drink, which stopped the energy of Jules. It was time to relax on the couch. At least he was not alone. The brave man found his arm candies, although they all look a bit unhappy in the end. Maybe they got too much from the Devil’s Punch Bowl?


Just watch the short film by KSBcollective from France and have your own thoughts and phantasies about the message of the movie. It is definitely a different approach to use the sport of windsurfing for a message. Well done Greg Scherpe, Jules Denel and all the boys from the KSBcollective.


duration: 5 min 34 seconds
music: John Fleming, Devil’s Punch Bowl
sound design: Jean-Marc Thurier / Two T Studio
rider: Jules Denel (F-41)
directed by Greg Scherpe 
director of photography: Martin Kreuzoré
camera: Martin Kreuzoré, Pierre Bouras, Théo Reynal
editing and compositing: Greg Scherpe