Johnny Mikuschka (Yagen) from Israel shows radical freestyle windsurfing action filmed in Bonaire. Johnny, who is a very explosive windsurfer, picked up a lot of difficult freestyle move combos and landed them quite close to the cam of Japanese filmer Kuma. Johnny trained a lot of acrobatics in Calgary, Canada last winter and learnt a lot of new movements and coordination, what obviously helps a lot to transfer the new skills into windsurfing. Let’s see where the road will go. Thumbs up Johnny, we definitely enjoyed watching your latest action from Bonaire.

I’m doing very well. My last winter was very different than all winters in my life. I’ve spent my winter in Canada and it was freezing cold with temperatures up to -30° and no windsurfing at all. I’ve been training a lot to get my mind and my body to a higher and deeper level of understanding and learned much more about different people in life and about myself. At the moment I am looking for help with gear as my gear is very damaged, old and falling apart. I have spent the winter in Canada, but before that I was in Tarifa for around for 3-4 months and the wind was there. I made it on the water almost every day with my friends. For know my plans are to compete in the EFPT and PWA and if I can make some IWT events I would be very happy. I can’t afford it yet, but I’m working hard here in Bonaire at the most busiest party bar trying to save each cent for windsurfing gear and competitions. I’m almost 2 months in Bonaire planing in total to stay for 4 or more and then visit my home a bit in Israel if possible or see what destination will take me..Rocky Balboa once said the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows .. (Johnny Mikuska)

Johnny Mikuska (Yagen) with incredible explosive freestyle windsurfing action from Bonaire filmed by Kuma Movie