Jesper Orth, former PWA slalom racer and passionate windsurfer from Denmark, lives in Perth, Western Australia, where he runs a sail repair workshop together with being the Australian agent for Simmer Style and Slingshot Wind Foiling. Any day the wind is more than 10 knots, he and his friends have a new hobby. They enjoy flying around on pretty short boards at their local spots, when it’s not wavy. They just rig their wave sail and go for it. Watch “In Flight 2”.

Jesper Orth: “This video clip from Thomas Hofmann here in Perth is a pretty nice display of the wind foiling at our spots on the seaside. I’m pretty hooked on the wind foiling. We are using our normal wave sails from 3.7- 5.9m and cover down to 10 knots and foiling in up to 25 knots. It’s just so easy and fun and quick progress on the right gear. I haven’t been much on the slalom gear the last year. Maybe just 4 hours in total. I just wave sail or foil. We defiantly increased our time on the water dramatically and in a fun way. Pretty simple!”

 And what gear do you use: “The easy one first with the gear used: Slingshot Wizard 125 and 105L. Slingshot Freestyle 115 and 87L. We all use the standard Slingshot Hoverglide base package. Alu foil with 76cm front wing. The same as a beginner would use. We have a 2nd front wing at 65cm that we use when it’s windy. The mast we use is 90 cm. We use that one in all conditions.”

Wind foiling fun action from Perth, Western Australia starring Jesper Orth & friends

Produced by Thomas Hofmann