Jamie Hancock knows Scotland very well. He often travelled up in UK’s North as the waves and wind were calling. Most of the time he returned with a beautiful video. Now, when 2016 comes to an end, he released some of his favorite shots from the beautiful landscape, the waves, the shores and himself and his friends in the waves. Jamie learnt how to fly his drone in 2016 and got a licence. Now he is ready for more for 2017. Thank you Jamie!! And if your internet connection allows it you can watch the video in 4K.

Jamie Hancock: “Scotland is absolutely beautiful. The landscapes, the surf and the adventure – Scotland has it all and is one of my favourite places in the world to visit. Each time I travel though it is always in search of wind and waves which always gives me very little time on the 12 hour drive up from the south of England to actually stop and shoot much apart from at the beach when i’m not in the water. Next year perhaps is the year where I pack the camera stuff and drone equipment and go shoot more of this fantastic place. For now here is a mixture of clips from some of my recent trips.”

Filmed with the Panasonic GH4 / GH2 and DJI Inspire + X5

Windsurfers: Me / Phil Horrocks
Surfers: James Cox / Timo Mullen

Jamie Hancock shows the beauty of Scotland, the land, the water & some wave surfing


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Jamie Hancock found some time to edit some of his older footage from Maui. Jamie: “I can sometimes be guilty of sitting on footage too long, always planning on adding to what I’ve got or never making my mind up on what I want to edit…”