“Espresso Freddo” is the latest video creation of Suistyle rider Jakob Müller. It’s about his 6 weeks long summer vacation in Greece. He travelled to Naxos this time. A relaxed van trip, together with his girlfriend Catya. Unfortunately Jack had a crash, bruised a rib and spent a few more days than planned at the beach. A real beach holiday. And on the days he made it on the water he made freestyle action on the foil. Luckily he could return on board after his bruise, but felt less pain on the foil an decided to go with the foil only. And the Swiss landed big moves on his 115l foil with a 100 cm long mast and a 68 wing. Most of the time he is on a 4.8m freestyle sail.

Jakob Müller windfoils in the Aegean waters in Greece