Jaeger Stone at Ho’okipa, Maui, Hawaii

Jaeger Stone spent a few weeks in Maui this spring. A well deserved trip to warm-up after the freezing cold, but successful Storm Chase in Ireland. Jaeger, who won the 2019 Red Bull Storm Chase didn’t score many swells in Maui but he managed to collect some nice footage for this clip. It looks like Jaeger plans to get more and more competitive in starboard tack conditions. The next Aloha Classic is definitely coming around…and who does not want to make it to the podium at this prestigious event?

Jaeger Stone at Ho’okipa, Maui

Filmed by Carla, Jace Panebianco, Aerial Video Maui, Diana Wood, Georgia Schofield, Si Crowther, Marcus Friedrich Media 

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Timo Mullen
Timo Mullen