The freestyler from Belgian just recently changed his sailsponsor from Maui Sails to Gaastra. We catched up with him to get the latest news on how he likes the sails and about his plans for the season 2010. At the moment Steven is training in South Africa. Three months are left until the first international freestyle competition, the EFPT tourstart in South of France, Leucate.

Steven van Broechkhoven in South Africa - Pic: Hylke Bakker

C7: You changed from Maui Sails to Gaastra. Was it your plan to change or did you get such a great offer from Gaastra?

Steven: I’ve been with MauiSails for a long time, but this year was a turning point in my career, and a good time to change. I plan to continue my success with Gaastra Sails.  It will give me new energy to give the best of myself.

C7: How was the collaboration with Maui Sails? They only offer a freestyle sail with 4,8 as the smallest size. Are they more a racing oriented brand out of your view?

Steven: The MauiSails full range of sails seems to be working very well.  I think Gaastra is making a very smart decision by supporting many top freestylers as this discipline is what is bringing future windsurfers into the sport.

C7: You mentioned that the Echo is the perfect freestyle weapon. Better than the loco?

Steven: The ECHO LE is the best freestyle sail I´ve ever used.

C7: Now you are in the best Gaastra freestyle team ever: Kiri, Tonky, Davy, Sarah-Quita,… Will you train together with your teammates to prepare for the season?

Steven: Maybe I will go to Bonaire to train together later this winter. Training with these guys is always a lot of fun and raises my level.

C7: Do you have the plan to start in wave events in 2010, too? I mean, Tonky ripped hard in waves already…

Steven: No I don’t plan to compete in any PWA wave events this year. But I will do some local wave events in Belgium or Holland.  I hope to be able to rip in the waves like Tonky at some point.

Steven van Broeckhoven - Pic: Hylke Bakker

C7: Will you use the Echo for wavesailing as well or will you rigg a pure wavesail?

Steven: At the moment I use the Manic for wavesailing.  I haven’t had the change to try the small Echos for wavesailing, but I’m sure they will work very well.

C7: Do you see yourself as a full pro? You are one of the sailors with the best download numbers on Continentseven!!

Steven: Yes, now that I compete on both the PWA and EFPT.  I’m glad to hear that people like my videos on  I will make sure to keep sending new videos and moves in.

C7: Who will be the guys for the 2010 PWA title? Do you see yourself still as an underdog or do you think that you rised your level a lot while the last months? In your actual videos from Brazil  you are definitely on fire!!!!

Steven: Thanks.  I think there are many guys that have a good chance of becoming World Champion in 2010.  I think I did raise my level a lot, but at the same time the other top guys were training as well.  I don’t really see myself as an underdog anymore and hope to finish in the top 5 again like I did last year.

Steven van Broeckhoven - Pic: Hylke Bakker

C7: Can you still improve much more in terms of speed, height and new moves?

Steven: Yes I think there is always potential for adding more speed, height and style to any move.  I am visualising some new moves that I’ve tried a few times and I think it is possible to land them.

C7: The first PWA tourstop will be in Podersdorf, Austria. Is that a spot you like and why or why not?

Steven: I like Podersdorf as a tour stop.  This will be my 2nd time in Podersdorf.  Last time in Podersdorf it was my first ever PWA event and I was very happy to finish 9th.  So I have good memories from there and I will try to do my best again at the event this year.

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