Peter Volwater, current number 8 in the PWA Slalom ranking, left the F2 team and signed a contract with Fanatic for 2010. We talked to Peter, about his plans and goals.

Peter Volwater - Pic: Burghard Drews

Peter Volwater - Pic: Burghard Drews

C7: It was a really long time with F2! How does it feel to change to another boardbrand after such a long time?

Peter: I have been on F2 for 15 years and the time finally came for a change.  It feels good and everything seems to be happening at the right time.

C7: When did you decide to change?

Peter: I decided to change after trying the new Falcon Slalom boards in the end of October. Immediately I liked the trim and the way they ride: comfortable, fast and super easy gybing. The communication with the guys is really good and I am getting all new boards now. Things are moving again. Couldn’t be more stoked!

C7: Will you be a team rider only or will you have an influence on the development of the boards?

Peter: For sure I will give all my input on the boards, but I think Pieter Bijl and Sebastian Wenzel have done an excellent job with the new range for 2010. I can’t wait to try the wave boards now. 2 new wave twins arriving tomorrow!

C7: On which disciplines will be your focus in 2010?

Peter: I will focus on Wave, Slalom, Speed and Long Distance. Those disciplines are my specialities.

C7: What are your goals?

Peter: I will try not to let AA (Antoine Albeau) get too far ahead!

C7: Where and how will you prepare for the upcoming 2010 season?

Peter: On the 22nd of November my flight leaves to Cape Town, where I’ll stay for 1 week.  Then I will travel on to Western Australia and spend December to February wave sailing before coming back to Europe again.

We wish you a good winter and training time! Thanks for the interview.

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