“Killed another wave, tweaking a sick aerial, a hell of a turn, a silky smooth Taka, powerful vertical cutbacks, critical Aerials, radical Takas, etc.” That’s how PWA press officer Chris Yates described Morgan Noireaux’s wave rides at the 2014 Starboard Severne Aloha Classic. The 20 year-old seemed to have the perfect timing at Ho’okipa, always found the right waves and was able to combine his tricks and wave rides. So, it actually may sound a bit surprising, that Morgan told us, that he is not the biggest fan of his own style. And although he won the prestigious Aloha Classic, he wouldn’t call himself a professional windsurfer? But read more about Morgan in our interview below.

Morgan Noireaux - Pic: AWT/Simon Crowther

Morgan Noireaux – Pic: AWT/Simon Crowther


Continentseven: You are 20 years-old and and entitled to call yourself „ Aloha Classic Winner“. How does this sound? Probably more than you had hoped for? 
Morgan Noireaux: It definitely has a nice ring to it, haha. I think it was exactly what I’d hoped for. Since the Aloha stopped running when I was really young I didn’t know when or if I’d ever get the chance to compete. When the PWA came back last year and I managed to do well I told my self that I had a decent chance of winning.

Continentseven: Why did you win the Aloha Classic this year? 
Morgan Noireaux: It felt like everything fell into place for this event. I won my first event earlier in the year, I was sailing better than I’d ever had, and I was healthy. Even during the contest everything went smoothly. I never had a heat were I thought that I’d lost. The final of the single in particular was some of the best sailing I’ve done in a contest. My nerves completely disappeared and I was able to let loose and sail how I normally would. Brawzinho and Thomas were both sailing very well. Thomas was super consistent the whole event and Brawzinho had a few heats were he was close to unbeatable and I had a few tough heats with Ricardo as well. 


Morgan Noireaux - Pic: PWA/John Carter

Morgan Noireaux wins the Starboard/Severne Aloha Classic 2014 – Pic: PWA/John Carter


Continentseven: You’re actually from Vannes in France (Brittany), but you’ve been living on Maui for quite some time. Do you feel more like being an American or Frenchman?
Morgan Noireaux: Because of the fact that I’ve lived in Hawaii for so long I’d have to say I’m somewhat more American. In terms of character though, I was raised by two french parents so a lot of it has rubbed off onto me. On a lot of things I think I’m more in line with the way Europeans think and act. 

Continentseven: So, you actually raise the EU level in down the line riding … but seriously, have the Europeans increased their down the line skills?
Morgan Noireaux: It’s not like Europeans are bad at down the line sailing. Most of the guys are great at it. Obvious examples would be Thomas and Victor who made it into the top four of the event. I think last year many of them kind of forgot how to compete in a pure down the line spot. This year there was more actual wave riding and less one move waves. I love people doing crazy moves on waves, but last year it felt like a lot of people thought it was the only way they were going to score points. This year everyone seemed to do a better job of combining both tricks and wave riding. 

Continentseven: When and where were your first steps into windsurfing?
Morgan Noireaux: Both my parents windsurf so when I was a baby they would take turns watching me on the beach while the other would go sailing. I couldn’t even walk then so that probably doesn’t count as my “first steps.” Otherwise my first real steps on a windsurf board were when I was 7. 

Continentseven: Why and when did you decide to get into competition and become a pro windsurfer?
Morgan Noireaux: There was no defining moment. I was pretty good at windsurfing and doing competitions was a good way of keeping sponsors happy. From then on I just kept on competing. To tell you the truth it still doesn’t feel like I’m a professional windsurfer. I don’t think it’ll feel like I’m a professional windsurfer until I can actually make a living off of it. Right now it’s more just me enjoying the opportunity I have to sail and travel and seeing where it will lead.


Morgan Noireaux - Pic: AWT/Simon Crowther

Morgan Noireaux – Pic: AWT/Simon Crowther


Continentseven: How important is competition for you?
Morgan Noireaux: It’s important enough that when I go to a competition I go there with the intention of trying my very best to win. I’m not super competitive outside of windsurfing competitions. Would I be competing if I did not need to? Probably not but since my sponsors want me to compete I enjoy it and do my best. In the end being asked to go sail for a few minutes is not that bad.

Continentseven: How would you describe your wave riding style? What is a good turn?
Morgan Noireaux: Pretty smooth? Flowing? I’m not sure, describing a style is difficult. All I know is that when I’m on a wave my goal is to link everything I do. A good turn in my eyes is going up right before the lip starts to throw and then carving the whole way back right into the pocket. No bobbles, just one smooth continuos movement. 

Continentseven: Are there any people who inspire you and influenced your windsurfing style?
Morgan Noireaux: I’ve been inspired by a ton of people for windsurfing. I wouldn’t say they really influenced my style though. Style is something really peculiar and in my case,  I don’t have a lot any control over it. To tell you the truth I’m not the biggest fan of my style. If I could control it I’d want my style to be a combination of Kauli and Levi’s.

Continentseven: Most of the Hawaiian locals are multi sport talents. Do you have the “waterman mentality”, too or are you focused on windsurfing only?
Morgan Noireaux: I love to surf as much as I love to sail, but other than that I don’t really have the “waterman mentality.” I wouldn’t mind being good at all the different types of water sports but surfing usually keeps me occupied when there is no wind, and windsurfing when there is wind. 


Morgan Noireaux - Pic: PWA/John Carter

Morgan Noireaux – Pic: PWA/John Carter


Continentseven: And if you are not on the water, what are your other interests?
Continentseven: There are not a lot of days where I don’t go in the water, but if I can’t surf or windsurf I like to mountain bike. Being in the forest is a nice change of scenery and you still get that rush. Otherwise outside of sports I really like to read. If I find a good book I have a hard time putting it down. I usually end up finishing it the same day I start reading it. 

Continentseven: What was the last book you read?
Morgan Noireaux: The last book I read was Dragon Fate by J.D. Hallowell. It’s not exactly a master piece but I’ve loved fantasy novels since I was a little kid, so I enjoyed it.

Continentseven: What are your goals for 2015 and the future of your windsurfing career?
Morgan Noireaux: I have yet to decide my goals for next year. It really depends on my contracts and budget, which I have yet to finalize. Without knowing that though I guess it’ll be to travel; be it for a trip or contest, and to have fun. It’s a cliche answer but having fun and enjoying it is what makes it worthwhile.


Continentseven: Thanks for the interview & good luck for 2015!