“It´s all going its way bit by bit”, says Daniel Bruch (27), “windsurfing high jumper” from Teneriffa with German roots. He proofed his high level in the 2008 PWA tour and finished with an 7th place in the overall ranking. Now he got potential sponsors, visited Cabo Verde already early this year for an training session and found some time to give us an update about his actual situation. Read more and check the excellent shots from his training sessions.

Dani Bruch - Pic: CMD

Dani Bruch - Pic: CMD


C7: You had great results in the 2008 season finishing 7th overall in the wave ranking. Now the sponsors seem to knock on your doors! Did you have offers from many different brands?
Dany: Thanks, yeah…it was pretty cool to have different options, like this you can go a bit more in the direction that you want to go, not were they push you…


C7: Why did you decide for Exocet and Severne?
Dany: I choose Exocet because I think it’s a brand that is growing fast and secure…also the new Usurf are really sick boards…I tried them in different conditions already and they really work! They are different then the others, more real surf boards, a bit of a change for the future, I like that…not always the same stuff! Severne was similar story…I tried the Sails and could not believe how they work…they really have a fast response even in light wind…and for surfing they are awesome! The best of my both choices I took are to be one of the top sailors in a top evolution manufactory group, not just one more in a big team! Together with the support of the rest of my sponsors O’neill, AL360, MFC and specially the OTC, I feel very well backsupported for 2009!


C7: Are you with the sponsors on the way you have dreamed of?
Dany: Its all going its way bit by bit and these sponsorships have been a big step for future…this upcoming year is only my 3rd one back on Tour and being here were I am already is awesome!


C7: Did you test your new gear before you signed your contracts?
Dany: Yeah for sure…I was ment to be on production boards/sails all over so you have to make sure all works as you want!


C7: The PWA tour will start now in Cabo Verde island! How and where did you prepare?
Dany: I just returned a few weeks ago of training over there…from 6 days I had 4 awesome days with good waves, sailing with “El Maestro” Josh Angulo…that has been really good…of course there is a lot of off land preparation too to be fit enough to get washed and smashed on the rocks…he he he…


C7: Tell us more about your training in Cabe Verde.
Dany: I had 2 days at Punta Preta that where really good…unfortunately the plane company lost one of my bags and I had no boards for 2 days…so I couldn’t sail on my boards, but Josh helped me out with one of his Centre Boards, thanks for that mate! After that I had some days a Secrets or Little Hookipa and at Coral Jo…at Coral Jo we had some sick Sessions….and alone!…in those 4 days I won so much confidence to sail so close to the rocks…really good!…and I love the waves over there…just so perfect!


C7: You came up very quick in the PWA ranking and you could finish third in the Pozo´s double elimination! What are your secrets?
Dany: Don’t really know…I just got really well prepared physically and mentally…a lot of sailing there helped a lot too…5 hours a day sailing at Pozo had to make some reward…he he…I was pretty destroyed so many days after sailing, that it was hard to carry on training the next day…but came out well…


C7: 4 wave events are on the PWA schedule. Would you wish to have more events and if yes, how many?
Dany: I would love to have more events! Imagine you have 10 events a year and you can discard those ones that went wrong…would be great! It would be much more difficult too to get into top 10 or top 5…you would have to prove you’re skills much more times…

C7: You will start with a German sail number in 2009. Why?
Dany: I was a bit tired to sail for a country that doesn’t really recognize you…until I did the result in Pozo I never ever entered a Canarian News Paper…imagine…after that they went, “oh, Dany our Canarian rider from Tenerife….” So I decided to go for my Country…why not, I am German and I am proud of it!

C7: What´s your goal for the upcoming season?
Dany: As every competitor you have to push you’re self more and more…so I’ll go for the top 5!


C7: Do you feel confident for the upcoming PWA event on Sal and what can we expect from you? The fleet will be the best in the world!
Dany: I feel really good for the event…obviously the best guys will be around, so it will be a tight event…as in so many other spots on a world tour event, anyone can win!