Italian Mattia Pedrani´s homespot is the Lake Garda. He most of the time sails at the  famous spot Malcesine, where the “Vento” from northern direction blows most of the time. And it blows early in the morning most of time. The sun is not over the hills, it´s freezing cold and relatively choppy. There are may excellent freestyle addicts out there, when it blows. Mattia is probably the best one. And he manages it somehow to improve his freestyle level each season. While summertime he also caught a lot of wind at the Pier, the spot, which works very well with the “Ora” wind. Many tricks got filmed by the 25 year old pro with the Go Pro Cam and some from the beach. Most of them are quite difficult combos! Check them out! Mattia finished the 2010 PWA Freestyle tour in 22nd position, but we are sure that he could do much better!