The Forward loop is the “dream move” for many windsurfers, but it’s not too easy to learn. Josep Pons explains and shows how to execute and land a Forward loop on port tack. The Spaniard splits the move in three parts (Take off, Flight moment & Landing) and reveals some of his excellent knowledge as a professional World Cup rider and windsurfing coach.

How to Forward Loop by Josep Pons

1. Take off: you have to prepare the rotation from the bottom of the wave doing the sail and board movement all at once. From the bottom of the wave move the board downwind and keep your body straight up on top of the board. Move the backhand as far back on the boom as you can. Open the sail using your hip and move the sail forward, open and up across the wind.

2. Flight moment: As you are off the wave you have to sheet in, keeping the rig to the front and moving your body to the back. Sheet in pulling the back leg and the back arm to your chest (back knee to the elbow of the sail arm) and look behind you. Keep the front arm and front leg stretched.

3. Landing: As you prepare for the landing, look down, sheet out and extend the back leg. To start the rotation try to move the clew as far back as you can. Move the front hand to your chest and the back one closer to the harness lines. Now it’s time to land it!

How to Forward loop by Josep Pons – Video tutorial