Ricardo Campello shows and explains how to land a Stalled Forward loop. He shows the move in Maui in starboard tack side shore conditions.


Key points for the Stalled Forward Loop by Ricardo Campello

1) Don’t be scared, when you go for it, just go for it, otherwise you block yourself from doing it!

2) Get enough power in your sail and enough speed, without having enough speed you will not reach the height to start the rotation

3) Look for a small but steep ramp, you will not go too high and land too hard

4) When you have selected the wave you wanna use for the jump, go as fast as you can, hook out from the harness line and try to hit the steepest part of the wave 

5) Make sure, when you jump, that you have a little bit of upwind angle and point the nose of your board as high as you can, the reason for the upwind angle is that your sail will breath a little bit, when you make it to the maximum height. Let your sail breath a bit, separate your back hand and pull as hard as you can with your back hand until you notice front rotation and bend your back knee. Bend a little bit your front knee, too. Keep in mind that you start the forward rotation with the hands closer together than you in a regular Forward Loop.

6) Basically you gonna make your body as small as you can while the rotation and always try to land with the tail of the board first.

“Believe me, this move is much more simple as it looks. And once you get to know it better you start to control yourself much more than in the beginning. This move is all about control! And don’t be scared!” (Ricardo Campello)

How to do a Stalled Forward loop – Video Tutorial by Ricardo Campello

Filmed by Jake Miler, Aerial Video Maui