Ricardo Campello is a real Back loop machine. He can land them in almost all conditions. Now he has released a “How to Back loop” tutorial with his tips to learn or improve the Back loop.

Ricardo recommends sails from 4.5m up to 5.3m as the ideal sail size, but you can try it with smaller sizes, too, he says. But don’t go overpowered until you’ve got enough control on the move. It’s not a move that requires to be overpowered in Ricardo’s opinion, because when you are overpowered you are going to over-rotate and that’s what you don’t want.  Additionally you need enough speed, a certain amount of power in the sail and a steep ramp. And he recommends to do the move unhooked (one handed or no handed versions you do hooked in)


Ricardo Campello explains how to do a Back loop 

Step 1: Search or aim for a wave for the Back loop and get as much speed as you can.

Step 2: When you start hitting the wave – a steep ramp – make your body as small as possible, bend your back knee a little bit and bend you front knee a little bit, too, but not too much. Your hands are kind of together as soon as you start to get height.

Step 3: As soon you jump the move start to look down (over the front shoulder) where you want to land. This helps to land with the nose first. You want to land the Back loop with the nose first, not flat. The most important is to land nose first. I see a lot of people landing flat. You also have to wait, especially when you go high and calculate how much time you got to land. If you spin too fast you gonna over-rotate and this is actually a Push loop.

Step 4: As soon as I go downwards I spread my back hand a little bit down. When you land with the board nose first the sail is gonna push in your back hand. If you have the hands too close together you will fall. So take care that you have a wider grip on the boom to stick the landing.


How to Back loop with Ricardo Campello from Maui, Hawaii – Video Tutorial