According to Josep Pons the Back loop is one of the most difficult wave moves and the “dream move” for many windsurfers. Josep Pons explains and shows how to execute and land a Back loop on port tack in Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria. The Spaniard splits the move in five parts (Take off, flight, rotation, going down & landing) and reveals some of his excellent knowledge as a professional World Cup rider and windsurfing coach.

How to Back Loop by Josep Pons in five parts, filmed in Pozo Izquierdo

1. Take off: The take off is the most important part of the move. Look for a steep wave and go close to the white water. Jump straight up into the wind.

2. The flight: The flight has to be split into two parts: going up & going down. While you are going up you are looking to the nose of your board and move your back hand slightly to the back of your boom and bring the boom close to your hip. Then keep the front leg extended and bend (duck up) the back knee.

3. Rotation: As you make it to the highest point of your Back loop start to rotate looking over your shoulder and sheet your sail backwards. From the top spot where you want to land (landing point) and slide the back hand to the back of the boom.

4. Going down: Keep your front leg extended and your back leg ducked up. Keep your sail sheeted in. Your nose is looking down until you land in the water. As you are approaching the water and you need to rotate move the sail with your boomend to the back. In case you want to reduce or stop the rotation move your sail with the mast to the front in the direction of the nose of your board.

5. Landing: Extend your back leg while the landing and open your sail with the sail hand (back hand) to do the last degrees of your Back loop rotation.

Voice: Josep Pons