Ben Newson AUS-23) from Perth, Western Australia is a 28 year old firefighther and windsurfing addict. He likes wavesailing and has been competing on the PWA tour since 2011. Ben has been in Europe since May and is already a bit home sick, missing Australia and waves. Now he edited a very nice clip, which shows some of his best clips he collected during his journeys.


“Enjoy some footage from the last 2 years wave sailing in Australia and Maui. It was mostly filmed with a Canon 60D and a Go Pro Hd2. I used Adobe Premiere pro cs 5.5, Photoshop and After Effects to edit the video. It´s called home sickness because I’ve been travelling for the last 5 months and started making the video on a smellly ferry going between Fuerteventura and Tenerife. As I started going through the clips I had the combination of fumes, the rocking of the boat and watching epic waves made me want to go home. Bring on the summer!” (BEN NEWSON)