Henri Kolberg is 16 year-old wave windsurfer from Germany. He recently spent 6 weeks in the windsurfing mecca Maui, where he worked on a video together with Dax Barker. We wanted to know more about the young German and caught up with him for a short “Who is” interview, which you can read below.

Henri Kolberg in Maui, filmed and edited by Dax Barker

Who is Henri Kolberg

Continentseven: When and where were you born?
Henri Kolberg: I was born March 18th 2001 in Schleswig, Germany.

Continentseven: Where do you live?
Henri Kolberg: I live in Schuby, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Continentseven: How come you travel to Maui so often?
Henri Kolberg: My sail sponsor is Hot Sails Maui and last year I got to stay there 6 month. So, now it kind of feels like home.

Continentseven: What are your favorite spots?
Henri Kolberg: There are a few spots around Upper Kanaha and Camp One that I really like in Maui. But I also like Klitmøller quite a lot. 

Continentseven: How did you start windsurfing? 
Henri Kolberg: My dad used to windsurf and we also own a sailboat which we sail through Denmark with every summer. One day I saw a family with kids windsurfing gear and I asked them if I could try it. 

Continentseven: How long have you been windsurfing? 
Henri Kolberg: When I was five years old I windsurfed for the first time. But I also started sailing at a competitive level. For the following eight years I went to a lot of sailing races and didn’t get to go windsurfen that often. Three years ago I told my coaches that I want to quit my sailing career and start windsurfing. That was pretty much when I started.

Continentseven: Do you practice any other board sport like skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding? What’s your favorite one and why?
Henri Kolberg: If there is no wind but waves I like to go surfing. At home I also like skate boarding but I tore a ligament on my ankle while skating three months ago. So, I think I am not going to do that that often anymore. I also like snowboard but there are not that many mountains where I live. Surfing is fun but after two or three days I miss the speed, the action and the heights that you get when you windsurf. So, windsurfing is definitely my favorite one. 

Continentseven: How does an average day in your life look like? 
Henri Kolberg: There are a few different average days. When I am at home it looks pretty much like this. I go to school in the morning. When I come back I do my homework and watch windsurfing videos and wait for the wind. On an average day on Maui I wake up at around 8, eat breakfast and do some homework for  my school at home. At eleven I go windsurfing at Camp One which is just in front of the house where I live. Once Jake and Dax get out of school we check where it is best to film and go there for the rest of the day. When we come back we eat dinner and look at the clips from that day and get ready for another windy day. 

Continentseven: What is your favourite windsurfing move?
Henri Kolberg: Pushloop 

Continentseven: Which windsurfing moves do you practice at the moment?
Henri Kolberg: At the moment I am trying to get my Pushloop, Backloops and Stalled Frontloops consistent.

Continentseven: Do you have any idols in windsurfing?
Henri Kolberg: I really like Philip Köster but in my opinion a good windsurfen has to be good in all conditions. I think Marcilio Brown is the best overall. These two are my idols.

Continentseven: What do you like about windsurfing
Henri Kolberg: Windsurfing gets you in places you could never get in without it. Just like jumping or bottom turning under the lip and hitting it. That’s what I love about it.

Continentseven: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
Henri Kolberg: In five years I am hopefully on the PWA tour and I hope I will be able to travel the world to the best spots and windsurf as much as possible.

Website Henri Kolberg: www.henrikolberg.com

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