French wave windsurfer, former PWA Wave World champion and globetrotter Thomas Traversa’s started his new Youtube channel on January 10, 2021. Here is his announcement:

Thomas Traversa: I am officially starting a new chapter in my life. I will run a Youtube channel with a new series called “GUIDED TOUR”, where I will share stories about trips and special sessions. I’m not very sure about what I am doing but let’s see how it goes. 1 episode every 3 weeks, until I run out of footage. The first 3 episodes will be about Reunion Island.

For this first episode Thomas Traversa takes you to Reunion Island and the spot of Pointe au Sel, located on the western side of the tropical island. It’s a tricky wave, which breaks close out and the wind – in the best case it blows side-offshore from the left – can be on the light side. His good friend Tibor lives directly at the spot. He has a clear view on the left-hander break from his green garden or terrace. Thomas nails flawless Aerials in tricky sections and lands them in extremely shallow water most of the time. Great drone and water shots show this exclusive spot very well.

Point au Sel needs the right tide and wind from southern direction. The waves break hollow and run fast. A gnarly spot for real experts! The most windy period is from May till August, the winter on the Southern hemisphere. Watch the first episode from the Indian Ocean and learn from Thomas, who is always in search of new waves.

GUIDED TOUR // Reunion Island #1 with Tomas Traversa