Thomas Traversa loves to travel to Galicia. His main motivation is to draw lines in clean waves. Thomas’ first trip to Galicia was 20 years ago and he still is enjoying every trip to this part of the world, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the wild rugged coast with nice beaches in between. In his new “Guided Tour” he shows new footage, filmed at Praia de Reira and Playa de Traba, where he windsurfed with south wind. And he added some older footage from a trip in 2008, when he travelled there together with his good friend Alex Mussolini. Brendan Pyatt from Umi Pictures filmed for their movie “Just Like That”.

“Let me take you on a little ego-trip to Galicia, one of the most remote part of the Spanish coastline. It’s a place that I kept going to during the last 20 years, and it really has a special energy: the nature, the wind, the waves, the space… every trip there is a return to a part of myself. In 2008 we traveled to Galicia with Alex Mussolini and filer Brendan Pyatt (UMI pictures) to film a part for our movie project “JUST LIKE THAT”. I felt like this was the perfect moment to bring back this old project, so hopefully you enjoy the clip, and feel free to drop a comment if you want to see more from that “JUST LIKE THAT” project!” (Thomas Traversa)

Guided Tour // Galicia, Spain with Thomas Traversa – Video

Footage by: 

Mathieu Pelikan / SIAM images (camera & drone)

Brendan Pyatt / UMI pictures ( old footage )