Like every year the siblings Salome and Nascimo Fournier from France spent their summer in Karpathos, Greece. It’s a windy spot, which has much to offer for freestyle windsurfers. 15 years old Nascimo and 13 years old Salome improved their skills a lot. Watch their short clip “Greek’Style 2017 – Goat’s Secret” & “Paradise MayBay”.

“We stayed in Karpathos 4 weeks and travelled to Crete and to mainland Greece. We had strong wind every day. The adults used their 4m sails and sometimes less and I was on my 2.5m or 3m sail. Just on two days the wind was off. It was exhausting, but we enjoyed it! In this clip we had a session at a “secret” spot , also calleded “goats spot”. On Karpathos the wind is really strong during the summer, due to Meltemi wind and a magic acceleration in south Aegean sea with additional local thermic effects. Depending the wind’s force, riders choose a spot each day, or twice per day and on some days windsurfing is impossibl ! (except maybe for some Balz boyz , we’ll call him for next year, but it’s no snow here, board shorts are better).” (Salome Fournier, 13)

Salome & Nascimo Fournier with freestyle windsurfing action from Karpathos, Greece