Giovanni Passani, one of the top riders from Sa Barra, Sant’Antioco,  spent the autumn and the early winter in Praia do Macei in Brazil. The little village, located a few kilometers from Camocim offers brilliant conditions for freestyle windsurfing. Nice ramps make high air moves possible and the flat sections in between the waves allow sliding moves on the way in or jumps from behind the wave. Giovanni improved his air moves a lot.

Giovanni Passani: “I travelled to Brazil to train at this amazing place. Praia do Maceio is wonderful! Also Yentel trained there and we had a lot of good sessions. We lived on the beach, in the middle of an amazing nature.”


Giovanni Passani with radical freestyle windsurfing in Praia do Maceio, Ceara, Brazil

Filmed by: Francesca Tramatzu