Italian windsurfer Gian Marco Revel scored awesome conditions on Oahu. For him it is a paradise in the Pacific ocean.  “This is a video on my 2013 summertime wave sailing, which has unfortunately just finished, showing many ingredients for a wonderful summer in a huge paradise! The action is just pure wave riding, no jumps, at the beginning in light wind, then in windier logo to must-high solid conditions. We have been lucky to score good riding conditions!” Gian Marco Revel (I-2020)



The action in the video got filmed by my Marco’s  friend Hans Isaac from Belgium, who is a passionate traveler and wavesailor. And Marco shared a few wave sailing sessions with Hans. The wonderful pics are from Francis Brewer. Watch the clip and read an interview below:



Continentseven: How long were you in “paradise”?

Gian Marco: I have been in paradise for about one month and a half, sailing or surfing and suping everyday!! 


Continentseven: Was that one of the most beautiful spots you have ever sailed? 

Gian Marco: It is a very good spot. Maybe I have been sailing places with better absolute wave quality, as last year in Fiji with my friend Hans Isaac (that I thank for filming the action in this clip!), but this place is very consistent and can become very good as well.  


Continentseven: Where are you living, if you are not in paradise and what are your favorite spots in Italy?

Gian Marco: I live in Ancona on the Adriatic Sea and I think that, if I well remember (but I may be wrong…) one time you have been visiting us! My home spot is Portonovo, which is a place mostly known for summer thermal wind suitable for freestyle and slalom. But with a good south-east wind blowing for a couple of days on the Adriatic Sea we can have some nice wave sailing conditions. Unfortunately it is quite rare and usually the Adriatic Sea (Italian east coast) is much colder than the Tyrrenian Sea (west coast), due to the wind from the Balkan peninsula. We travel from our place to score good wave conditions. The best italian spots for wave sailing in my opinion are located in Sardinia: Cala Pischina, Capo Mannu and many more. Also the island of Sicily has wonderful wave spots! 


Continentseven: What gear did you use most of the time?

Gian Marco: I use Fanatic quads for good wave conditions, mainly when I am travelling. Most of the time at home I use Fanatic thruster, which is perfect for the side on mushy conditions we have most of the times….    


Continentseven: Are you wavesailing only?

Gian Marco: When it’s flat I have fun with friends trying to freestyle, but mostly I love being in the water with waves! So I also surf and for some years I love SUP as well.



 © 2013, Francis Brewer