At the end of June 20 riders travelled to the German island Rügen to gather at Suhrendorf for another German Freestyle Battle. After one double elimination Mathias Genkel won the event in front of Adi Beholz and Tilo Eber. The heats were very close and it was a tight battle between the top riders. The young German freestyle windsurfers are pushing as well and the next event, which will be the German Championship in Sylt will be exciting.

GFB Rügen Suhrendorf, Rügen 2017 – Video

Result GFB Rügen Suhrendorf 2017

1. Mathias Genkel
2. Adi Beholz
3. Tilo Eber
4. Niclas Nebelung
5. Valentin Böckler
6. Jannes Thomsen
7. Lasse Boenecke
7. Lennart Brünig
9. Foivos Tsoupras
9. Constantin Geis
9. Leon Struppeck
9. Tom Kuprat
13. Luis Ponseti
13. Marc Pesman
13. Leander Oldenburg
13. Pascal Mikolajski
17. Jonas Thum
17. Johanna Rümenapp
17. Kevin Langbehn