Mathias Genkel and Lisa Kloster win the second German Freestyle Battle event on Rügen.

One week after the first German Freestyle Battle on the German island Fehmarn, the GFB squad gathered on Rügen for the next freestyle battle. The camp ground Suhrendorf, also called Ummaii, offered the perfect site for the event.

Right away, the first day of the event was windy and the competitors rigged their 4,4 and 4,8m2 sails. After a single elimination the winners were decided with Mathias Genkel in the men’s fleet and Lisa Kloster in the women’s fleet. The level was high and power moves were normal in all heats. Once again the younger generation, like Karl Slowik, Leander Oldenburg, Jonas Thum and Lisa Kloster showed their talent and future potential.
After a day break the wind returned on the third day with 6-7 bft and the double elimination got started. Tilo Eber, who did not compete in the single elimination, won 10 heats in the Double Elimination until he met Mathias Genkel in the final. Tilo managed to win the first final against Mathias and enforced a super final. The super final was again close, but a Air Kabikuchi from Mathias brought the necessary points to defend his single elimination win.

German Freestyle Battle 2.0 Ummaii Paradies Festival Rügen 2016 – Video

Video by Manuel Kappmeyer und Markus Friederichs

Result German Freestyle Battle 2.0 Ummaii Paradies Festival Rügen 2016, May 14 -16

1. Mathias Genkel
2. Tilo Eber
3. Valentin Böckler
4. Anton Munz
5. Henning von Jagow
6. Lennart Brünig
7. Jannes Thomsen, Markus Marsand
9. Hannes von Weihe, Foivos Tsoupras
11. Felix Söder, Luis Ponseti, Jonas Thum, Noah Willumsen
15. Alexander Much, Leon Struppeck, Leander Oldenburg, Karl Slowik, Timo Schwabe, Pascal Mikolajski, Finn Eifler, Marius Richter

1. Lisa Kloster
2. Johanne Rümenapp
3. Kiki Behrends
4. Malin Körner
5. Lisa Hogenkamp