German wave windsurfer Holger Beer released a new clip from his windsurfing winter in the north. It’s edited from 5 hours raw footage.  He scored some nice wave riding sessions at Denmark’s North Sea (Tversted during autumn  and Middles during autumn and winter) and at Dazendorf (one day before Christmas) at the Baltic Sea (Germany). Holger has great skills in waves. He lands Takas, Push loops, big Forwards, Back loops and hits the lips with perfect timing.

Holger is a busy man. He has a 40 hour job, works as an engineer for Mechanical Engineering and got father , too. But his life is perfect He windsurfs in Germany and Denmark 95 percent of the time. He doesn’t know many other spots outside Germany or Denmark. 

Most of the time I windsurf in Germany and Denmark. If I have time I sometimes travel to Wissant in France. I as well spent time in Cape Town or on the Canary Islands. But my life is perfect. I can combine work, family and windsurfing in a good way and I am super happy.  Holger Beer

Holger Beer windsurfs in Danish and German waves