The German Freestyle Battles returned to Pelzerhaken, where everything started 4 years ago. Chiemsee put 1000 € into the 2014 event, which took place during the SURF Festival, a big test event organized by the German Surf magazine. This time it was not a stand-by event. Despite the fixed dates the limited fleet of 32 riders was completely booked. Every one thought that this event will see a tow-in competition only, but the wind showed up on Saturday and the event got started at 2.00 pm and the tow-in got cancelled.

German freestyle windsurfer Adi Beholz won the event defeating young talented Julian Wiemar in the final. Top Austrian freestyle rider Max Matissek, who lost against Adi in a tight battle in the semi final made it in third position. Congrats to all winners.



Tow-In Video:


Full result:

1. Adi Beholz

2. Julian Wiemar

3. Max Matissek

4. Hannes Volkmer

5. Kevin Langben

5. Gereon Gollan

7. Valentin Böckler

7. Wanja Munz

7. Jannes Thomsen

7. Malte Hecht

7. Julian Kroll

7. Felix Söder

13. Meikel Thies

13. Tim Karsten

13. Lukas Käding

13. Lennart Brünig

13. Sebastian Holtz

13. Hendric Gutacker

13. Mats Moysen

13. Jakob Munz

13. Anton Munz

13. Tobias Kantowski