Last weekend the second and final event of the German Freestyle Battles took place at Großenbrode at the Baltic Sea in Germany. 26 freestyle windsurfers from all over Germany made their way to the event to take part. In the end Tilo Eber convinced the judges most and claimed victory in front of Matthias Genkel and Johannes Witte.  

The top three competitiors



From the semi finals on the windsurfing level was really high. Mathis Genkel managed to beat Johannes Witte, the winner of the first Freestyle Battle at the Saaler Bodden, and met the PWA sailor Tilo Eber in the final. In the final Genkel showed switch stance moves in both directions and a clean Spock into Culo, but Eber managed to land a Kono on both tacks, a Shove-it Spock and an Airfunnell into Funnell and won the Single Elimination. 



Right after the Single was finished, the Double elimination got started. The two riders, who made their way up through the Double Elimination were Malte Hecht and Valentin Böckler, but they got stopped due to the decreasing wind and it was not possible to finish the Double elimination. 

Two other sailors to mention are the 16-year-old Julian Wiemar, who got 5th and the only lady in the fleet Diana Lohoff, who even kicked out one of her male rivals. The organizers hope, that more girls will take part in the Freestyle Battles in the future.


Tilo Eber



Result German Freestyle Battle Großenbode 

1. Tilo Eber (JP Australia, Neil Pryde)

2. Mathias Genkel (Patrik, Sailloft)

3. Johannes Witte (Naish)

4. Felix Söder (Fanatic, North Sails)

5. Julian Wiemar (Starboard, Severne)

5. Malte Hecht (Patrik, Sailloft)

5. Gereon Gollan (Naish)

5. Tom Schmidt (Vandal Sails)

9. Valentin Böckler (Starboard, Severne)

9. Tom Kuprat

9. Sebastian Lehmann

9. Markus Menzel (Exocet)

9. Lennart Brünig (Patrik)

14. Jakob Groß-Ophoff

14. Diana Lohoff (Tabou, Gaastra)

14. Kevin Pijl (KA Sails)

14. Holger Beer (Quatro, Mauisails)

14. Finn Eifler

14. Kevin Langbehn (Naish)

14. Hannes von Weihe

21. Andre Klose

21. Tim Karsten

21. Leon Struppeck

21. Oliver Brommer (XO Sails)

21. Daniel Selinger

21. Florian Söhnchen (F2, Sailloft)