Strong winds, freezing temperatures, shallow water, massive wipe-outs, broken equipment, amazing moves and the biggest fleet ever. The last Saturday was a real, big day at the Saaler Bodden, which is located about 30 kilometres northeast of Rostock. 23 freestyle windsurfers from all over Germany came to take part in this first German Freestyle Battle in 2012.

Johannes Witte wins the event - Pic: © Boddenstyle/Michael Balluff

In the end Johannes Witte convinced the judges most and claimed victory in front of Adrian Beholz and Felix Söder, who presented an excellent heat in the Single Elimination. Other riders to mention are Mathias Genkel, who had an early out in the Single, but a strong come-back in the Double Elimination or Valentin Böckler, Julian Wiemar and Marco Lufen, who showed a great repertoire of  tricks.  And let´s not forget the only girl Diana Lohhoff, who challenged the 40 knots also.

Adrian Beholz - Pic: © Boddenstyle/Michael Balluff


Result German Freestyle Battle 1.0 2012, Saal

  1. Johannes Witte
  2. Adrian Beholz
  3. Felix Söder
  4. Tom Schmidt
  5. Mathias Genkel
  6. Daniel Schenk
  7. Meikel Thies, Burkhard Hauer

Johannes Witte & Adrian Beholz - Pic: © Boddenstyle/Michael Balluff