Italian windsurfer Gabriele “Varrux” Varrucciu (ITA-984) travelled to Maui in summer 2017 and has now finished a video about his trip. The action starts at 1:20 and at 2:37 he shows a cool kind of Air Flaka Diablo move attempt. The Italian has a radical style and it looks like he is influenced by his second big passion, the moto-x.

“After returning from Maui with my dead pc I thought I lost all the videos, but luckily a part of the clips were saved on an external memory. I totally forgot about that! After exactly one year here’s the video, my last video using Naish!” Gabriele “Varrux” Varrucciu

Gabriele “Varrux” Varrucciu with freestyle wave windsurfing action from Maui, Hawaii, filmed in the summer 2017