Mihalis Koutouras is 80 years-old and still windsurfs on a funboard in the straps. He blasts around and does excellent power jibes. The Greek man, who loves the sea, lives on the island of Chios and he already taught a lot of younger windsurfers how to do the water start. One of his windsurfing students was Vaggelis Kalpourtzis, who is still impressed by the great skills of his friend.

“This summer I made a small edit to honor Mr. Mihalis Koutouras, who is 80 years old and still windsurfs like a youngster. He was one of the first guys, who brought the sport of windsurfing to the Greek island of Chios, which is located in the opposite of Cesme, Turkey in the north-eastern zone of the Aegean sea. It is worth to mention that he was the one who taught the first waterstarts to many of us (including me). He is a man full of power with a great sense of humor. The 81 year-old windsurfer Anastasia Gerolymatou, another veteran windsurfer from Greece, recently made it into the Guinness book of records by windsurfing from the Ionian island of Kefalonia to Kyllini on the main land on August 28, 2019. This was the moment that we started to tell our friend that we will make him famous, too.” Vaggelis Kalpourtzis about his video

It’s well known that some of the Greek people can get very old. We really hope Mihalis Koutouras will be one of them, who will stay fit and healthy for many more years. So he can follow his biggest passion for many more years. It’s great to see that windsurfing still works well for older people. Our all future is bright;-)

Funboard windsurfing at the age of 80 years – Mihalis Koutouras still does it