Result of the 25th Lancelin Marathon 2010:

  1. Peter Volwater
  2. Patrik Diethelm
  3. Steven Allen
  4. Dan Engdahl
  5. Björn Dunkerbeck
  6. Robby Swift
  7. Jesper Orth
  8. Daniel Aeberli
  9. Rowen Law
  10. Ash Nicol
  11. Chris Lockwood
  12. Chris Adamsdon
  13. Steven Stratfold
  14. Daniel Bruch
  15. Ben Severne
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Winner Peter Volwater had an incredible fast time with 27,58 minutes. The flying dutchman could stay ahead by 12 seconds to Patrik Diethelem and 35 seconds of the third Steve Allen.

The top 5 sailors, Dan Engdahl and Björn Dunkerbeck also made it in, could all stay within 2 minutes. Just behind are further big names like Robby Swift, Jesper Orth and Dani Aeberli.
Top Waverider Dani Bruch and Severne saildesigner Ben Severne also competed. Dani proofed his qualities on the race course – perhaps he will compete in some PWA slalom events in 2010 – and could keep Ben behind him by one position. Overall Dani was just behind the winner with 5,23 minutes.
Ash Nicol, who finished in 10th, could win the mastersclass with less than 4 minutes behind the winner.

Karin Jaggi (34:52) were the best lady in front of Annika Gillgren (43:20) and Kanza Stott (49:45). Karin could place herself in 19th position overall.

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