Orlando Lavandera, organiser of the 2011 Fuerte Wave Classic, sent an official letter to annnounce the 3rd edition of the Fuerte Wave Classic, which will take place in the North of Fuerteventura (La Oliva) from the 8th until the 18th of February. Continentseven will be there as a mediapartner and you can expect updates what is happening during the event.

The organizer, Orlando Lavandera promises again some of the best wave sailors to take part: “For this year we are lucky again and we are having some of the best wave sailors in the world attending the event, both boys and girls, and a couple of young promises with a lot of talent. Big waves, down the line surfing in glassy waves, radical aerials, strong wind, all can happen at the same day in Fuerteventura. So, get ready for some great action!”

The Fuerte Wave Classic 2011 will start in February.

Further informations about the event from Orlando:

A team of photographers and video crew will be present to capture all the action, cameras on land, in the water, 3 Go Pro HD cameras with the riders, two jetskis…….

The riders will continue to judge themselves, but the ranking will be individual with a male and a female FWC 2011 champion. This is a big change, because in the past events the teamranking was the only ranking. The event still keeps its mobile structure to be ready to attack the different spots every day depending on the conditions during the ten days of the event.  So we can catch the biggest waves at one of the various spots on the North Shore.

We have lots of surprises ready for the riders and for all of you that follow the competition via the internet, with news, interviews and competitions where you can win great 2011 brand new windsurfing gear, so keep an eye on the FWC ! Once more, the safety of the riders is paramount in the event and we count with the support of Red Bull with its jetski and a professional rescue crew to make sure that the riders can push their wave riding to the limit.

We will also have an ambulance and lifeguards onsite and a helicopter on stand by at the airport. So you can enjoy great extreme action! The 3rd FWC beach cleaning BBQ, sponsored and organized together with Clean Ocean Project will take place some time during the 10 days of waiting period, so if you are in Fuerte or know anybody that is on Fuerte at the time tell them to come, everybody is welcome! But you will have to clean the beach definitely, before getting a nice BBQ.

I would like to say thanks to all the people that make this event possible and have been with us these last two years such us: Red Bull, La Oliva, 7th-wave center, Mystic, Oasis Duna Hotel, Clean Ocean Project, New Territory (the goat of Fuerte), SUN7custom boards, DYM rotulacion, and a warm welcome to the new brands that have joined the FWC project in 2011: Utopeak and Simmer.

You can follow the event on the FWC blog (www.fuertewaveclassic.com), the FWC Facebook and Twitter accounts, on continentseven.com or on your favourite website or magazines. I look forward to showing you the great potential of the North Shore of Fuerteventura once more and I would like to wish you all a happy and windy new year!

Orlando Lavandera, FWC organiser

© FWC 2010