It´s the 6th day of the event and the wind from northern direction lost in strength compared to yesterday. The swell is still up and the organisation checked out all spots. “The waves are big, but the wind is much too light to run any windsurfing action”, Orlando Lavandera commented the situation.

The skippersmeeting got postponed three times already, but the riders are still on hold. The video of the big wave action at Puertito has been edited already by the team of Rox production and we just wait until it´s uploaded to release the breath taking action clip! Stay tuned. You can expect really massive stuff!! Especially Yannick Anton and Albert Ferroni had insane rides in the double masthigh monsters of Puertito, the small harbour break of Cotillo.

Stephane Etienne

We just talked to the most experienced local, Stephane Etienne about yesterday: “I tried to make it out directly at Puertito, have been waiting when the swell was down and started to sail out. But another massive set came and I could not make it through the impact zone. The jets ski rider told me to leave my equipment going. But I decided to stay with my gear. If I would have lost it, it would have been broken for sure! Later I did not make it out again, because the race crew warned me that it´s too dangerous. I know the spot very well and perhaps we missed a good chance to ride really big waves. Let´s hope we are lucky with the conditions in the middle of next week, but looks like the wind could be too light. I just say, Inshallah (if God wills)!”

Justin Denel

Today it´s the birthday of the youngest competitor, Justin Denel. He got 15 years old and already performed excellent at the FWC. Congratulations Justin.

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