First windsurfing action and the arrival of Björn Dunkerbeck on the second day of the Fuerte Wave Classic.

The event setup at Caleta

After the skippersmeeting at 10am in the hotel, everybody went to Majanicho. The waves there were much smaller than the day before. Dario Ojeda and the organiser did a spotcheck and then everybody was driving to another spot called Mejillones. There the waves were quite big, but the wind was completely offshore. Again a spotchange followed towards Caleta, where the riders hit the water in the afternoon around 15.30. The conditions were not suitable to run a first round, but gave all the chance to go for some aerials and nice waverides. Björn Dunkerbeck, who joins the Fuerte Wave Classic event for a view days had a perfect timing and arrived just when the wind picked up. He also ripped the lefthander of Caleta and let it look really easy.

Björn Dunkerbeck carves into a Bottom Turn

Biggest wipeout of the day by Irish wavesailor Mikey Clancy

Many riders left the water as quickly as they went in. Some others stayed for a very long time out there and tried to catch the logo high waves in the extremely gusty offshore wind conditions. One of them was Irish sailor Mikey Clancy, who had one of the most impressive wipeouts of day 2. As well all girls, who participate in the event, sailed out there in the reef break. Daida Moreno nailed perfect aerials off the lip and Nayra Alonso had some nice rides, before she got ripped really hard in the mid section and had a long swim.

The spot Caleta

The wind, which had around 15 knots at its best time, died  totally in the late afternoon and all the riders drove back to Corralejo. Tomorrow´s skippersmeeting is scheduled a bit earlier at 08.30, because there is a small chance to catch the morning wind from the east at Majanicho, which normally only lasts for 2 to 3 hours. Anyway the forecast looks magic for the weekend and the following week! If it stays like that action is guaranteed!

At Caleta

Daida Moreno stickering her sails

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