The first stop of the French Rip Curl Windsurfing Pro Tour, organized by J.B. Caste, saw big wave conditions at Le Dossen (Brittany, France) at the end of March. Thomas Traversa was the most impressive windsurfer and won the event. Jules Denel finished second followed by Fred Jezquel in 3rd. The next event of the French Windsurfing Pro Tour will be held at Carro, Urville or Ile Aux Vache.


Results -Rip Curl Windsurfing Pro Tour 2016 , Le Dossen


  1. Thomas Traversa
  2. Jules Denel
  3. Fred Jezequel
  4. J.B. Caste
  5. Philippe Mesmeur
  6. Clement Bozec
  7. Stephane Lefebvre
  8. Alexandre Grand-Guillot


  1. Nathalie Cottard
  2. Marine Hunter


  1. Nicolas Quemener