Just before the PWA World Cup in Austria the UK freestyle windsurfer and the Austrian freestyler Mauricio Alvarez decided to book a last minute package deal to Egypt. Adam Sims: “Maurizio Alvarez and I booked a last minute package deal (was cheaper than booking individual flights) and planned to be there for a week to top up the tan before the world cup….. annnd also to sail. Actually we were super lucky and arrived on a light wind day, perfect for a social night out, then the following day it was 5.2/4.7 weather for the rest of the week. We left Dahab completely broken but totally stoked!”
Adam Sims  has also changed his boardsponsor. He will now sail with Patrik boards. “After many enjoyable years with the SeaSpriteSports UK team, my move to PATRIK comes at a time when I’ve decided to step up a bit more on the international scene and get my foot well and truly in the competition door. I’m totally stoked to be signing to such an awesome brand, with THE best board shapes and am looking forward to the years to come.”

Watch now their  video, which got produced by  Seb Godsmark