Maeli Cherel, Al Bentley and his brother Nick had a freestyle session at Safety Bay. The spot is located in Rockingham, around 30 kilometers south of Perth. Western Australia is well known for waves, surfing and wave sailing. But there are a few great spots for freestyle windsurfing, especially around Perth. It was a cloudy day at Safety Bay, but the wind was fine. They had fun on the water and Kuma Movie captured the action.

“As part of a last minute trip to WA Nick Bentley Maeli Cherel and I ended up having a session down at Safety Bay. It was not the usual SW sea breeze but a more stormy Westerly which was coming through. It was gusting 20-24 knots. Safety Bay has been dredged over the past few years to allow for boats to launch so the area we were sailing over is very shallow with a great deal of weed. When we rocked up we found Kuma Movie there (he actually lives there) and he came out and started filming us. At the end of the day he gave Maeli a DVD with the footage on – what a legend! The video is nothing super exciting, but I believe it’s important to capture these sessions as it means we can look back in 50 years and remember it.” Al Bentley


Maeli Cherel, Al & Nick Bentley at Safety Bay, WA