Francesco Cappuzzo in “Waterman”

Francesco Cappuzzo is an Italian waterman. He he can rotate through perfect Shifties or powerful Burners in windsurfing or take the waves with his strapless kite board, surf board or SUP.

Roberto Parisse (Risk4sport) visited Francesco at his home in Puzziteddu in Sicily to produce a portrait about the 20 year-old Italian waterman. If you want to know more about Francesco, you can check out our “Who is Francesco Cappuzzo“.

Francesco Cappuzzo in “Waterman”

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I’m sorry but I really didn’t like this video. I mean of course Francesco must be a very good windsurfer, but what do we see here? A lot of slo-mo of the guy walking and putting on his wetsuit, some slo-mo kiting and surfing, and a few seconds of slo-mo windsurf action. The tricks are sick, but that is not the point. This could have been done much better.

Giovanni Passani

super good video, super good rider


seems to me, that kid doesnt look too happy, when talking about his dream becomming a waterman of “excellence”…