The Four Dimensions movie started and the action was on. It´s definitely an action packed video. In three main parts the filmmakers Andre Paskowski and Peter Svensson kept the cam on Victor Fernandez, Gollito Estredo and Marcilio Browne. Each of them could play in their favourite playgrounds: Victor in Pozo, Gollito on Fuerteventura, Egypt and northern Brasil and Marcilio Browne on Maui and Cabo Verde.

Four Dimensions crew and protagonists - Pic:

Four Dimensions crew and protagonists - Pic:

All of them get portrayed on their actual windsurfing level.

Top names of the sports give  statements on the riders: Josh Stone, Nik Baker, Jason Polakow, Francisco Goya, Vidar Jensen, Diony Guadagnino

Overall a great piece, great windsurfing action, should be watched.

GALLERY of the premiere show in Westerland, Sylt:

Videoclip of the premiere show:

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