Formula Experience Racing in Brazil 2010 (Pic: Aldo Maia).

Formula Experience becomes One-Design

Formula Experience is set to become a One-Design class from January 2012 on. As one of the fastest growing windsurfing class due to its simplicity, high performance and low entry cost, this one-manufacturer regulation will add to the popularity and longevity of the class.

Previously, Formula Experience was the domain of Starboard’s Formula Experience and Bic’s Techno Formula with any rig that had seven battens and three cambers. Masts were 75% carbon and booms made of aluminum to keep costs to a minimum.

With the new regulations, the Formula Experience class will only allow the Starboard Formula Experience 160 in combination with a Severne OverDrive sail. This equipment is built to comply with the Formula Experience class rules, set to make the manufacturing process of producing equipment cheaper. These cost reductions are passed on directly to the customers to make racing more accessible.

Formula Experience takes off (Pic: Aldo Maia).

Made from an ASA construction, the board is very durable and will remain competitive. Allowed rig sizes will be 7.5, 8.5, 9.7 and 11 meters. Rigged with a Severne BLUE Line mast and a Severne ALU Race boom, Formula Experience is about fast and thrilling racing without one development advantage over another. Riders may also choose between the Drake R13 Race NR or the R19 Race NR, both advanced course racing fins.

The FE board (Source: Starboard).

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