Andi Lachauer, who runs the Suki Watersport center together with his girlfriend Rita at Lake Walchen (Walchensee), recently had a special wind foiling session in the fog at his home spot. The fog wind at the Bavarian lake results from a special weather situation. The fog is above the lake and the sun heats it up. The result is quite strong wind and cold air above the water. It works best in spring and autumn, when the nights are cold and days are warm. Andi is using a 3.6m sail and a small freestyle board with a foil. 

October 2021 we scored one of these rare fog wind days and it’s a mystical atmosphere with winds up to 20 knots. Flying clouds over the lake and sun shining through the fog. Thanks to Mother Nature for this special day!

German freestyle windsurfer Andi Lachauer with radical wind foiling freestyle action in the fog from Lake Walchen, Bavaria

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