German wave windsurfer Florian Jung released part 1 of his “Get Fit in 30 Days” workout. According to Flo the exercises are designed specially for windsurfers by his coach Sabrina Hoppe. This full body workout helped him to get fit after a knee injury. Watch it and try out some exercises or the full program. It will help you to get fit for your next windsurfing session. 

“Invest 30 days and train 30min to 1 hour a day. You don’t need any equipment for the exercises and can do it almost anywhere. The exercises are designed specially for windsurfers by my world class coach Sabrina Hoppe. Every week there will be a new training schedule available. This is the first part. Stay strong and let’s get through this crisis. Enjoy it!” (Flo Jung, pro windsurfer)

Florian Jung’s Get Fit in 30 Days Workout – Part 1: strength, mobilization, stretching