The two German windsurfers Florian Behringer and Justus Thorau travelled to Tiree in Scotland in December 2016. They got nice waves and wind and created a clip, which shows the beautiful beaches and some action from different angles. They spent 8 days on the island and had sessions at the Maze, what’s the top spot on the island. It works great with SSW to SE wind directions. With S to SE conditions you get down the line conditions. SW wind works excellent in Crossapol or Balevullin. Nearby Balephetrisch is an outdoor reef, which works with SW wind. Tiree, the most westerly island of the Inner Hebrides should be on the travel list of all passionate wave windsurfers. The island offers a mild climate, white sandy beaches, a lot of wind and friendly locals. 

Florian Behringer: “Our travel plans originally had more familiar destinations for this time of the year – South Africa or the Canary Islands, but there always was some thirst for adventure and an interest in windsurfing at secluded beaches, so after a lot of back and forth and a visit in Normandy, we finally set forth for Scotland.”

Wave windsurfing action from Tiree, Scotland

Filmed by: Justus Thorau, Florian Behringer & Soloshot