“KOS – the forgotten paradise!” is a film by Simo Reinvald from Estonia. He followed Flo Ragossnig & Olli Anderson with his camera on the Greek island of Kos. The Austrian Flo Ragossnig tells his story about the island, where he spent 15 windy season. There he lived his windsurfing dream, worked in a windsurfing center and discovered a lot of new places. For both, Flo and Olli, Kos became their second home or perhaps their first home. Flo decided to quit his job for 2020, but leaves the island with a lot of great memories.

Flo Ragossnig: “Olli Anderson and I are presenting an island which once was one of the first windsurfing hotspots in Europe. A place which has been home to many windsurfing enthusiasts but has been forgotten over time. I’ve been working on Kos for 15 years and has seen the transition. Olli is around for 4 years and despite the fact that most youngsters have other places in mind where they can spend their summer, he has lost his heart to this beautiful island.”

Kos is located in in the south eastern Aegean and is the third largest island of the Dodecanese islands. It measures 40 by 8 kilometers and has a coastline of over 110 km. The wind blows from May till October from northern to northwestern direction.

“KOS – the forgotten paradise!”is a film by Simo Reinvald starring the windsurfer Flo Ragossnig & Olli Anderson