Boujmaa Guilloul wins the AWT Pro Starboard Severne Aloha Classic, whilst Kevin Pritchard takes second and the overall AWT Pro title for 2014.

Timo Mullen filmed and edited the final between Boujmaa Guilloul and Kevin Pritchard at Ho’okipa, Maui. Thanks a lot Timo! Both riders nailed Aerials off the lips in critical sections. Boujmaa went for an tweaked aerial in his signature style and definitely won one of his biggest titles in his long career. We would call it career highlight! Big congrats Boujmaa, well done.


Kevin, had a few great wave rides with Aerias off the lips plus a really nice frontside wave 360 at the end of the heat. Kevin was mentally strong in that competition and defended the lead in the AWT overall ranking against Levi Siver and Morgan Noireaux. 


“I was pretty stressed at the beginning of the day, but I tried not to take and risks and just sail as classy as possible, not pushing any limits. I think this paid off. It was tricky conditions, quite sideonshore and the waves didn’t have much of a lip so it was hard to find the perfect wave. Through the day I relaxed and little and I just sailed with no stress. I was really surprised about where I got to; I couldn’t believe it. By the time I made it to the final I didn’t care, as I knew the worst I could get was second, so I just sailed and had fun. Apparently I sailed better than KP who was absolutely ripping, which I just couldn’t believe.

I love coming to Maui, it is one of the most consistent spots in the world to get wind and waves at this time of year and it’s beautiful. It’s so easy to get into a routine full of sport and forget about all the other stuff at home, you can combine surfing, windsurfing and SUPing; it’s perfect! Maui is also just the heart of windsurfing, being here just helps me improve and I love being here.” Boujmaa Guilloul (M-3)