Deivis Parternina is the freestyle windsurfer and the man in front of the camera. Fukajaz is the man behind the camera and he gives you a little glimpse behind the making of Deivis’ latest clip. They had a lot of fun filming the footage and the final shots look great. Watch, learn and enjoy the beautiful views on uncrowded beaches in Venezuela.

Fukajaz: “Here you get a look, behind the scene, places and the production of the video I made for Deivis Paternina, a windsurfer from Playa el Yaque, Isla Margarita, Venezuela.”

Place of recording and photos: El Yaque, El Manglillo and Isla de Coche

Venezuelan filmer & photographer Fukajaz shows how he filmed freestyler Deivis Parternina

Produced by Fukajaz