Team Fanatic shows some crazy freestyle action and awesome wave moves! Check out their highlight action clip showcasing the new 2019 Wave/Freestyleboards in action during their photoshoot on Maui last spring.

Fanatic Highlights 2019 Wave/Freestyleboards 


Additional infos about the Fanatic Wave & Freestyle range 2019


The Grip is our ultimate all-rounder. Designed to be adaptable, not just to conditions, but most importantly to your style. Choose to ride it as a Quad or a Tri-fin, this board simply rips.  Winner of numerous magazine tests as well as a PWA World wave title!  New for 2019 is the Grip XS Edition, a 60l version designed specifically for youths and lighter riders. The Stubby TE absolutely dominates in less than perfect conditions. The modern, innovative parallel rail concept and double diamond tail have sent a shock wave of followers through the entire industry. The Stubby TE is easy to ride and even easier to look stylish on.


No board requires more versatility than a freewave and no board delivers it better than the FreeWave STB. The revolutionary Stubby-Style has widened the usability of this board to areas a classic shape could never previously have reached. Already a benchmark in the market, it can blast on flatwater alongside the freerides, hold its head high in the waves against the waveboards, bump & jump with the best of them and throw down some freestyle for good measure. Perhaps for the first time ever, one board really can do it all and do it all well.


The Skate TE is his perfect partner-in-crime and the exact board that our 8 times Freestyle World Champ Gollito Estredo uses on the World tour. Together, they have amassed 8 PWA Freestyle World Titles and with Gollito’s ongoing input, the Skate has become the most successful freestyle board of all-time. Available in four sizes from 85 to 108l, the three smaller sizes have been completely redesigned for 2019. Crazy acceleration, top speeds and explosive ‘pop’ set the Skate apart from its competitors, but there is also a softer side, ensuring moves are learned quickly and executed consistently.