Fanatic have launched their 2015 Fanatic Freerace/Slalom & Formula Collection.

Watch the Fanatic clip about their 2015 Falcon Slaloms & the Rays, produced on Maui, starring the Pro Team. 


Fanatic 2015 Racing boards – Video

2015 Fanatic Freerace/Slalom & Formula highlights

Source: ©Fanatic Press Release

“Our highly tuned, race ready boards will get you there first. Ray or Falcon, we dominate the Race scene whilst the Falcon Formula offers a unique concept; upwind range and downwind speed – all that matters when the race is on!” (Fanatic marketing)

Falcon Slalom & Ray:

For „supercharged” speed the Falcon Slalom is for all racers. 2015 sees three new shapes available (99, 111  & 138) a board of champions, the Falcon will accelerate you to the podium! The Ray is the user-friendly speed demon of the Falcon suited for every recreational speedster. Echoing the changes in the Falcon line up, we see blistering top speeds, outstanding gybing performance and great acceleration capacities. Early planing is enhanced by a wider outline around the front foot straps, which also effortlessly supports the board on the plane through any lull.

Falcon Formula:

The Falcon Formula 170 will give you the ride of your life, drawing design inspiration directly from the CAD developed Falcon Slalom range.

©Fanatic 2015